Electronic : concepts and high standards

Do you know that in all electric circuits there are many components with a very specific function?

Resistor is one of the most frequent and stable in any electronic system and, as the name says for itself, can offer resistance and flow Power.

In any circuit, device, or electronic equipment, Resistor is probably, "the piece that emerges the most". The reason for that is very simple and logic; Resistors produced in many scales, may easily determine Tension and currents as your necessities, every time that this largeness might precisely be resized to fit the specific component function, like circuit modules and others. This important component is, as we may say, an Ohm Law "son".

A resistor is a component which function is to "provide resistance" to the electric current, it can interpose a bigger or smaller obstacle or difficulty to the passageway, depending on the ohm value.

A small Power resistor presents less obstacle to the current and a bigger Power has a higher blockage capacity.

Is valid to show a brief analysis about the electric resistance presented by many material existent on nature or manufactured by human kind.

All and every material (metal, coal, wood, glass, water, air) and many other, are able to offer a certain degree of difficulty or opposition to the electric current flow. Unless the total absence of any material (total hollow existent on sideral space – almost impossible situation to get, even on the most resourceful laboratory), any material, compost element, output,or any other substance, even gases, might completely block the electric current flow!

There is, however, many degrees of resistance between the natural or manufactured materials. To simplify everything, we can classify the materials (according to resistance) in three big blocks: Good conductors, isolating and semiconductors.

Also remind that the resistance unity is ohm, represented by the symbol (with is the capital omega Greek character).

Is still possible to find other representation form which is the character R instead of.

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